KDK Factory turns 10


April 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of KDK Factory. In the past ten years we’ve done our share of trouble – so by now, the neighborhood knows about us. Here is a list of what a 10-year-old human should know; we’re no different.

Here is what Melanie Marten from Yahoo thinks:

  1. Life Skill – Typing or Keyboarding – We are good at communicating with clients and the audience
  2. Life Skill – Counting Money – We know what matters the is what the ‘green guys’ end up producing
  3. Life Skill – Read a Map – We’ve worked in more than 8 countries & have an international team
  4. Life Skill – How to Budget – Only a few in the team have this skill, the rest are mathematically-challenged
  5. Life Skill – Using the Stove – We know what is ‘heat’ and how to use it in our lives
  6. Life Skill – Do Laundry – A clean product is like a clean shirt, it sparks
  7. Life Skill – Checking Car Oil – We like to keep an eye on the essentials
  8. Life Skill – Vacuum a Rug – We know how to use the technology to ‘suck’ attention
  9. Safely cross the road – Knowing exactly when its safe to take an action and be patient if it isn’t
  10. Make good friends – We know that life is about living in harmony with others and you gotta make friends

The last two were added by us, you can reach the real article here.

Thanks for you continued support!