• Humans of San Diego

    Humans of San Diego is a photo-story project aimed at capturing the essence of the city through its inhabitants. The project is inspired by “Humans of New York” and features photography along with a story or quote from the subjects in the photograph. Official pages: www.sdhumans.tumblr.com | www.facebook.com/SDhumans .

  • In Conversation with Red Grammer, recording artist

    Red Grammer is very much like the color red – he is energetic, ambitious, determined and simply an unstoppable force of positive creativity. Both critically acclaimed and Grammy-nominated, Red is the man behind some of the most popular children’s songs for the past 30 years. And right now he’s onto something different, something new and something perhaps for you: …

  • Rituparno Ghosh, a master explorer of identity

      Rituparno Gosh was one of the few Indian filmmakers whose work not only reached beyond the country’s borders but also influenced whoever that has had the bounty of seeing them. He also remains as one of the few filmmakers, worldwide, who had the courage to explore the many facets of his complex identity through his …

  • Food for the soul